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Side yard upgrade

Many yards have a very narrow side yard, almost a dog run type of area that is lacking in inspiration. It often becomes an area where you store outside items or things that you intend to throw away at some point. We decided to repurpose this side yard into a usable, functional and fun area. Our clients are grandparents and spend lots of time with grandchildren. These grandchildren really like trucks and digging with trucks and were always asking Grandma if they could go play trucks outside. Most children are happy to play trucks in the mud, but that was less than appealing to our client. We decided to make it a gravel garden - trucks and gravel go together like peas and carrots. We included some stepping stones so that trudging through the gravel wasn't too cumbersome and also brought in some planters and a nice table to make the space nice for "project managers"as well as for the "truck drivers". These simple changes have transformed this space that was wasted and unusable into a destination for multi-generations.


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