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Spring Bulbs

Spring bulbs have made their appearance this year and have actually been going strong for weeks now.  They always make me happy and it is a great reminder that Spring is on the way!  This year I am more impressed than ever with their resiliency!   Resilience is such a nice attribute especially in Texas gardens!  Back in January, the bulbs that were just emerging had to deal with temperatures in the upper 70s and even low 80s.  Then came the ice, snow and sunless days that lasted an eternity over February.  And now just about 10 days after our last “snow day” here they are looking unfazed by the roller coaster weather we have had to endure.  We order these bulbs in late summer, so if you think you will need a little extra cheer next Spring let me know and we can plan a bulb planting for you too!


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